Smoke and

Website Design and Development

Scope of the project

A lovely project we created for a photo book curated by two London based creatives - Zuza Grabowiec and our own Laxmi Owczarek. The website was a pandemic alternative to experiencing the book in real life - limited by the lockdowns brought on by Covid-19, we wanted to make the experience smooth and interesting.

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Smoke and sound website screenshot

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The gallery

The focal point of the website is the interactive gallery which allows the user to experience the book and browse through the pages. Changing the pages also affects the background of the website - the user see not just the pages, but the digital experience.

Screenshot of the gallery for Smoke and Sound


This lovely one-page website was developed using Nuxt.js and Vue.js. These technologies allowed for the flexibility and dynamic nature of the experience.

Screenshot of the concept of checkout for Finding Roots

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