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We build bespoke digital solutions that help small business stand out from competition while working to convert more sales.

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Website Design and Development

Unverpackt auf Rädern

Visually playful website for a Frankfurt based lifestyle business. Unverpackt provides an alternative to regular house shopping by providing household products locally.

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“Excellent website design and SEO advice which we've now put in place and already started to notice the positive effects in terms of sales online. Many thanks team, would highly recommend”

Lucy Dolan, Zigzag Tea

SEO & Design Benchmarks

“In just a 1hr session Laxmi & Dom have given me excellent ideas & tools to re-work my website. I now feel confident and inspired to crack on with it - thank you!”

Emma Symes, Pomba Girls

SEO & Design Benchmarks

“Laxmi and Dom were very friendly, approachable and easy to work with. They provided concrete and actionable, workable suggestions to improve my site and branding and not only explained WHAT they were suggesting but WHY which I feel is the most important”

Chris Wall, Chris Reads Minds

SEO & Design Benchmarks

“Although it was short, it was so impactful. You guys pointed out simple great ways to tweak my website and explained it easily enough for me to understand.”

Andre, Peoples Podium Kitchens

SEO & Design Benchmarks


Our services suit small businesses that are new as well as more mature, growing businesses. The types of work we do include: website benchmarks (great for start-ups), online shops (e-commerce websites), Wordpress websites, web applications, brochure and micro sites.

We are passionate about working with small, purpose-driven businesses. We care about your vision and we want to help you make it happen.

1. Quality Design and Development

When designing, we identify your target audience’s needs and meet them. Happy users make happy customers, which is why we take the user experience into consideration and design websites that work well across different platforms: mobile, tablet and desktop.

In development, we build bespoke, from scratch, ensuring websites are optimised to load fast, and following Google's ever changing rules on SEO and site ranking. All of this ensures the highest chance of converting a customer

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2. Unique Style

We use creativity as a way to set you apart from competition and make you more memorable. We will be looking at your unique selling points and values as a business, reflecting them through visual language. We want to create authentic connections through unique experience.

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3. Pricing

We offer adjustable budget options, rather than a fixed fee. Each project is split up into stages and depending on your needs, you can decide how to allocate your budget. This also makes it easier to manage payments.

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Things I’ve learned from planning my first ever webinar

Things I’ve learned from planning my first ever webinar

Even though it’s been a lot of hard work, and we didn’t have as much impact as I would have liked; I am happy to say that this was a successful event.

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