Some prices to give you an idea

These are just estimates, as each project has unique needs.

for Benchmark sessions we propose you choose how much to pay based on how much value you received, between £35 - £125. The minimum of a single (either Design or Development Benchmark) costs £35. The minimum for a double session (both Design and Development) costs £60.

1. Adjustable Budget

Each project is split up into stages and depending on your needs, you can decide how to allocate your budget. Each stage is very important however, everything depends on your unique situation, so some stages can be skipped to fit with your budget. By the end of each stage you will receive a deliverable.

Stages and deliverables
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2. Collaboration

We view projects as collaborations, which is why we settled on this system, putting you in control of the budget. Rather than provide one total price/fixed fee for the whole project, we split it into stages so the payments are more spread out making it easier to mange. Together we will discuss your priorities and you can decide how to allocate your budget. We are here to guide you, however the final decision remains yours.

See our work
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3. Flexibility and discounts

We are happy to wait between stages if that’s what fits you better. There is an option to create a simpler website and build on top of it (improve it further) as your business grows or if you want to extend your existing website. We do our best to stay flexible.

We take upfront payments for every stage and work until that part of the project is completed (this is where you will receive your deliverable). We offer up to 5% discount if you decide to pay for more than one stage upfront.

Calendar application on a mobile phone.

We are committed to being accessible, which is why we have adapted a system that allows for budget flexibility.


1. How will I know how my time has been used?

Following our consultation, the quote will include a breakdown of all the hours and how they will be used.

2. Is it possible that you will charge me extra if you spend more time on a given task?

No, we keep to estimated time included in your quote. But, for example, if throughout the project you decided you wanted more revisions this would be added on as extra hours.

3. Can I just pay the standard fixed fee?

In a sense, yes. If you simply want to make one or two payments throughout the project it will still work the same way for us, and you might also get the added bonus of a discount due to paying for more than one stage upfront!

Stages & Deliverables

“Excellent website design and SEO advice which we've now put in place and already started to notice the positive effects in terms of sales online. Many thanks team, would highly recommend”

Lucy Dolan, Zigzag Tea

SEO & Design Benchmarks

“In just a 1hr session Laxmi & Dom have given me excellent ideas & tools to re-work my website. I now feel confident and inspired to crack on with it - thank you!”

Emma Symes, Pomba Girls

SEO & Design Benchmarks

“Laxmi and Dom were very friendly, approachable and easy to work with. They provided concrete and actionable, workable suggestions to improve my site and branding and not only explained WHAT they were suggesting but WHY which I feel is the most important”

Chris Wall, Chris Reads Minds

SEO & Design Benchmarks

“Although it was short, it was so impactful. You guys pointed out simple great ways to tweak my website and explained it easily enough for me to understand.”

Andre, Peoples Podium Kitchens

SEO & Design Benchmarks

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